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I Wanna Lockpick tells the strange story of a girl's trip to an abstract world made of keys and doors. Or, well, I'd like it to, but really the keys and doors are the main focus here. It's a puzzle game! Assume the role of the reserved protagonist, Lily, and traverse many different abstract (and maybe beautiful?) landscapes, solving puzzles along the way. The main concept of the game is to bring colored keys to doors of the matching color, however new mechanics are introduced in each new world, with each getting progressively more unhinged and terrifying than the last.

Absolutely hingeless

Pictured: Abstract, arguably beautiful. Note the lack of hinges.

The first area starts out easy enough, but the overall difficulty ramps up pretty fast. There are many puzzles in the game (I could give a count but that'd be a spoiler), so trust me that you'll be spending a lot of time on it, and probably shouldn't try to beat it in one sitting. Also, puzzles CAN involve red herrings or alternate solutions, so try to be flexible with your approaches to each different puzzle. 


Pictured: A sad girl who can't open any more doors. My apologies, but get owned.

You may notice there seem to be platforming elements in the game as well. For the most part they are just weird, and sometimes annoying. However, their role in the puzzles themselves is usually minimal, and any exceptions are intended to restrict or inform your options, and not to be execution challenges. Either way, there are QoL features such as undo (Wait, undoing in a platformer game?!?!) and mouseover details to hopefully make your solving experience more convenient. Unfortunately, there isn't a colorblind-accessible mode yet. I really would like to solve that eventually, it's just way harder to implement than you'd think (using a color filter really isn't going to solve anything)... If you have a problem with this game, please yell at me. I promise I will listen, even if I can't do anything about it. With that said, though: Please enjoy I Wanna Lockpick to the best of your ability!


For the time being, this is actually only Part 1 of the game. That's because there is a critical point in the game which is far harder to work on than everything else which precedes it. So, as a compromise in case I end up never being able to truly finish the game, you have this playable version of the first "main stretch" of the game, minus some other cool and/or weird features planned for the full release. Don't be deterred, though; even though it's unfinished, I put a lot of time and effort into it, and I sincerely believe what currently exists can function as a game all on its own. If you make it to the end, you will probably think "Yep, I get why the game had to be cut off here." If you don't make it there, then you got your full experience out of this game anyway. With that said, thanks for reading this far! Maybe you should play the game now.

StatusIn development
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TagsAbstract, Difficult, Funny, Puzzle-Platformer


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Install instructions

Windows only for now... I have heard that some people have wrangled it into running on WINE. Hope you can find a way to do that too. I don't know how, though. X_X

Also, if your game crashes with an error report about shader compilation or something, you'll have to fix it by installing the DirectX End User Runtime. You can grab and install that from the Microsoft website easily.

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